Premier Division Premier Division
Ice House A [Neil Wilkins] No change Gardeners Arms [Lee Bell] No change
Gardeners Arms [Lee Bell] No change Brass Monkey [Martyn Geddes] No change
Ice House B [Jason Plant] No change. (previously Shield & Dagger C) Netley Central Club [Dan Adams] No change
Chapel Arms A [Chris House] No change Ice House B [Melvin Herridge] No change (previously Shield & Dagger A)
Hinkler C [Martin Smith] No change Cue T [David Whitcher] No change (previously Elephant & Castle A)
Angel B [Martin Randall] No change (previously Baizz A) Hop Inn [Jimmy Sullivan] No change (previously Baizz A)
Firehouse A [Gavin Wakefield] No change Cricketers Arms A [Ian Morris] No change (previously Bridge Woolston A)
Saxon [Dave Mcintosh] No change Yacht [Stuart Charlton] Promoted from Div.1
Firehouse C [Jimmy Ely] Promoted from Div.1 Robin Hood [Darren Weston] Promoted from Div.1
Prince of Wales [Jimmy Sullivan] Promoted from Div.1 Shooting Star A [Dave Jowett] Promoted to fill. Previously Shooting Star B
Division 1 Division 1
Angel A [Simon McDougall] Relegated from Prem. Master Builder [Dave Collier] Relegated from Prem.
Brass Monkey A [Martyn Geddes] No change Chapel Arms G [Annamarie Jarman] Relegated from Prem.
Kings Arms B [Darcy Henry] No change Peartree [Dean Cousins] No change
Bitterne RBL [Tony Gale] No change (previously Hinkler A) Hinkler [Steve Wood] No change
Yacht [Richard Searles] No change Grove Tavern [Mike Mewett] No change
Station A [Richard Wilkins] No change Shooting Star B [Sam Scott] No change (previously Shooting Star A)
Elephant & Castle B [Ben Prior] Promoted from Div.2 The Keys [Rob Camfield] No change
Cue Ts [Neil Turner] Promoted from Div.2. Previously Shield & Dagger A Ice House A [Dean Guyatt] Promoted from Div.2
Station B [Tim Harris] Promoted to fill The Stile Inn [Hugh Wilson] Promoted to fill. Previously Mitre
BPSC [Lee Humphrey] Promoted to fill Bittern [Gary Kill] Promoted to fill
Division 2 Division 2
Obelisk [Mike Smith] Relegated from Div.1 Cricketers Arms B [Kev Hawkins] No change (previously Bridge Woolston B)
Peartree [Phil Coleman] No change Chapel Arms A [Andy Watts] No change
Windsor Castle [Andy Egan] No change Regents Park [Ian Tarrant] No change
Shirley Hotel [Mark Brewer] No change NBSC A [Paul Elkins] Promoted from Old Rules Div.
Spike Islander [Lee Evans] Promoted from Div.3 Kings Arms [Derek Hudson] Promoted from Old Rules Div.
Regents Park [Keith Palmer] Promoted from Div.3 Chandlers Ford Club [Anthony Ireland] Promoted from Old Rules Div. (previously Drummond Arms)
Drummond [Simon Gardiner] Promoted to fill Saints [Rob Deakin] Promoted from Old Rules Div.
Cricketers Arms [Andy Presland] Promoted to fill. (previously Bridge Woolston) Fleming Arms B [Roger Hedges] Promoted from Old Rules Div. (previously Shield & Dagger B)
Chapel Arms B [Justin Ware] Promoted to fill NBSC B [Phillip Shepherd] Promoted from Old Rules Div.
Kings Arms A [John Miller] Promoted from Old Rules Div. Elephant & Castle [Tom Callaway] Promoted from Old Rules Div.
Division 3 Division 3
Elephant & Castle A [Nick Cremin] No change Prince of Wales [Sharon Thomas] Relegated from Div.2
Hop Inn [Simon Caws] No change Angel [Simon McDougall] New Winter Team
Brass Monkey B [Sheryl Semple] No change (previously Baizz C) Browns Bar [Danny Campbell] New Winter Team
Firehouse B [John Reeves] No change Drummond [Simon Gardiner] New Winter Team
Saints [Alec Bowyer] No change Fleming Arms A [Mike Allen] New Winter Team
Swan [Mark Westwood] No change Obelisk [Steve Parker] New Winter Team
Hinkler B [Dan Lovell] No change Station [Simon Bance] New Winter Team
Bittern [Gary Kill] New Winter Team Windsor Castle [Tyrone Bulford] New Winter Team
Hinkler A [Karen Williams] New Winter Team Frog and Parrot [Dewi Jones] New Winter Team
Woolston Social Club [Nathan Avis] New Winter Team Players [Karen Barnes] New Winter Team
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