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The Southampton Regional Pool League

Current Season: Closed
Next Season: Summer 2015 - Running April 14th 2015 to 23rd July 2015

Welcome to the Southampton Regional Pool League website. Here you will find everything you need know about the league including Fixtures, League Tables, Rules, Team Details and more.

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Summer Championship 2015:
The Groups

Last updated: March 27th 2015, 9.00am

The group draw took place last night during the Thursday Team Cup KO Final.
Click below to see who you'll be playing in the group stage of the Championship!

Summer Championship 2015: are you in?

Last updated: March 21st 2015, 6.30pm

If you don't see your team here, you're not registered to play yet!



1) Brass Monkey (8)
2) Kings Arms B (6)
3) Shield & Dagger C (4)
4) Shield & Dagger A (10)
5) Baizz B (7)
6) Ice House (7)
7) Hop Inn (7)
8) Bitterne Park Social Club (7)
9) Baizz A (8)
10) Fleming Arms (6)
11) Avenue A
12) Gardeners Arms (7)
13) Alexandra (7)
14) Bitterne Park Hotel A (7)
15) Kings Arms A (5)
16) Peartree (6)
17) Windsor Castle (5)
18) Bitterne Park Hotel B (10)
19) Chapel (7)
20) Hinkler A (6)
21) Hinkler B (7)
22) Hinkler C (6)
23) Prince of Wales (10)
24) Drummond Arms A (5)
25) Drummond Arms B (5)
26) The Grapes (10)
27) Shirley Hotel (7)
28) Pig 'n Whistle (8)
29) Shooting Star (5)
30) Firehouse A (7)
31) Firehouse B (6)
32) Elephant & Castle B (7)
33) Station B (6)
34) Avenue B (4)
35) Yacht (7)
36) Angel of the South (7)
37) Station A (8)
38) Rileys C (7)
39) Rileys D
40) Rileys A
41) Regents Park (6)
42) Players
43) Saxon (8)
44) Inferno
45) Bridge (4)

1) Master Builder (8)
2) Brass Monkey (8)
3) Soton Rugby Club (6)
4) Joshua Tree (8)
5) Shield & Dagger A (5)
6) Ice House (7)
7) Robin Hood (7)
8) Avenue
9) Bridge A (9)
10) Grove Tavern (7)
11) Baizz
12) Hinkler A (6)
13) Hinkler B (3)
14) Hinkler C (5)
15) Prince of Wales (7)
16) Chapel G (7)
17) Chapel A (4)
18) Drummond (4)
19) Shield & Dagger B (7)
20) Yacht (6)
21) Peartree (8)
22) Kings Arms (8)
23) Netley Victoria Club (6)
24) Bricklayers (4)
25) The Keys A (7)
26) Shooting Star A
27) Shooting Star B
28) The Keys B (8)
29) Hinkler D
30) Monks Brook
31) Bridge B (9)
32) Regents Park (5)

!!! ---- CLOSED --- !!!

!!! ---- CLOSED --- !!!

Number in brackets indicates number of players registered for that team.
Please remember: the requirement for all players to sign the registration form has been removed, therefore it is likely many teams will register more players on the first few matches of the season.

Introducing the
Summer Season Championship 2015!

Posted: January 28th 2015, 10.30pm

Running 14th April - 23rd July

• New match format – 9 singles frames. A minimum of 3 players & maximum of 9 per team!
• Group stages leading into Knockout Rounds [like the World Cup or Champions League]
• Maximum of 48 teams in each league day
Random draw taking you to new venues to play new players
No seedings for Premier teams
• All teams play a minimum of 10 matches in the 15 week season - subject to entries
• Promotion/Relegation runs between Winter Seasons making the Summer Season 100% risk free!

In the Winter Season, the Premier Division champions are normally viewed as the champions of the whole league. In this new format any team can progress from their group and then win the KO stages to become the 2015 Summer Season Champion!

Take the Plunge!

We want to use this self-contained league where there is no threat to your Winter Season position, to get all teams to try out the BlackBall rules. This was a unanimous vote of all committee members at the recent meeting.
These rules have now been adopted by the UK's professional pool players and are arguably the way that the game is going. The committee are keen to have a recognised national set of rules to remove any grey areas that may currently exist. If you want us to demonstrate these rules at your venue let us know – the committee are here to help!

Don't Worry!

For the next Winter Season you will again have the choice between BlackBall and Old SRPL rules, the same as for this season.

One more thing...

In order to make this taster of the new rules completely risk free, we are making this season a FREE ENTRY to the first 48 teams that register! So:
• No risk to league position
• No financial risk as entry is free
• The chance to try out Blackball rules
• The chance to go to different venues and meet new opponents

What's not to like about that! Get your entries in early!

Registration Opens - Sunday 1st March and packs will be delivered to your venues in the coming weeks.

Important notes:
• Due to the format, there will be NO rearrangements allowed. If your team cannot play the full season (running from 14th April - 23rd July) please do not enter.
• Player transfers between teams once the season has started are NOT permitted.
• New players can only be signed on at group stage matches.
• Registration is completed when a registration form is signed by the Landlord/Landlady and Captain. All players do not need to sign the form to complete registration. Any players whom play the first match will be considered registered to that team.
• Registration is only possible after 1st March and will close when the league is full, or on Sunday 15th March at 5pm
• The Groups Draw will be broadcast LIVE on Thursday 26th March before the Team Knockout Cup Final.

Signing on New Players

Posted: January 23rd 2015, 6.30pm

As per the SRPL General Rules and as voted in at the Captains' Meeting last season, new players can no longer be signed on to your team from now until the end of the season.

Sporting Behaviour

Posted: January 17th 2015, 11.00am

Rule 1 of the SRPL playing rules states "It is intended that players and teams should play 8 Ball Pool in the true spirit of the game and in a sportsmanlike manner."

Deliberately disturbing a player while they are taking their shot in order to gain an advantage is unfair and not sporting behaviour in the committee's opinion and their interpretation of the rules of the game.

Everyone likes the fun and banter at a match, but all players must take great care not to cross the line and go too far.

Therefore, the committee would like to clarify to all players what to do if this type of incident occurs when they are refereeing a game.

The first time in a match [be that frame 1, frame 5, or whenever] that a team or player clearly disturbs the player taking their shot deliberately, then a first and final warning to that person and their entire team shall be given by the referee.

If at any time after that [right up until the end of the final frame] a player is deliberately disturbed again, then a foul shot will be called against the offending team's player(s) and 2 visits awarded.

The SRPL Committee

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