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The Southampton Regional Pool League

Current Season: Summer 2014 - Running January 7th to 24th July 2014

Welcome to the Southampton Regional Pool League website. Here you will find everything you need know about the league including Fixtures, League Tables, Rules, Team Details and more.
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Captains' Meeting - Voting Results

Posted: April 15th 2014, 7.30pm

Following a successful and well attended Captains Meeting the following items will become active NEXT SEASON:

All other items were either voted against or not seconded.

Full details available here: PDFicon SRPL 2014 Captains Meeting Voting Outcomes.pdf

The SRPL Committee

Captains' Meeting - Proposals Received

Posted: April 9th 2014, 9.00pm

Below are the proposals that we have received so far (in no particular order).

If you have an opinion on any of these then please discuss with your Captain for him to raise at the meeting on Monday. If any Captains want to second any of these proposals then please let Steve Farrow know via direct message or email [comps@srpl.org.uk].

If you want to propose anything then please send them to Steve via your Captain. I need to have these by 6pm on Sunday for inclusion. If you [Team Captain] propose an item then please ensure that you are at the meeting to have your say and explain why we should vote for what you are suggesting..

The SRPL Committee

Captains' Meeting - Monday 14th April

Posted: March 12th 2014, 8.30pm

Top Floor @ The Baizz - 7.30pm

In response to requests, and to hopefully clear up any issues teams may have, there will be a captains' meeting on: Monday 14th April 2014 on the Top Floor at the Baizz Club from 7.30pm

Notes for all players:

Want a say? Ensure your captain is there to say it! Be part of the SRPL future!

The SRPL Committee

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